Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recording desktop screen using vlc media player

It is very easy to record the screen using vlc.


1. Open VLC media player

2. Select "Media" in file menu, and then click "Stream..."

3. Select 4th tab "Capture Device"

4. Select "Capture Mode" as "Desktop"

5. By default "Desired frame rate for capture." will be "1.00f/s", i.e., it takes one screenshot for one second. So if you do an activity for 1 minute, your video will be made up of 60 screenshots.
For better view of video, select the frame rate as 10.00f/s

6. In the bottom right of window, you can see an option called "Stream". Click the down arrow available beside "Stream" option.

7. Select "Convert"

8. In the "Destination file" field, browser (or) give full file path to be created

9. Click on "Start"

10. Now your video recording will be started.
Minimize the vlc player and do whatever activities you want.

11. Once you are done with the recording, close the VLC media player.

12. Now you can see that a media file will be created with the specified name, which is your recorded video.

Good luck...

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