Friday, April 25, 2014

Browing unix directories and editing files using Notepad++

Suppose you want to copy a text from your unix system to windows system and you dont have a terminal opened in windows for the unix box, then the only way is to write data to a temp file in unix system and open that file in windows using winscp. Making changes to that file from windows involves a bit of work.

We can use our favorite Notepad++ to do this job, where we can browse, open and edit the files in the same window.

1. Open Notepad++
2. In Menu, choose "Plugins" --> NppFTP --> Show NppFTP Window
3. It will open a window on the right side of notepad++ window.
4. Click on Settings icon, then select "Profile Settings"

5.  Click on "Add New" to define a new profile for a unix system. Give a name to the profile.

6. Select the created profile and give Hostname, Username, Password values.
Select "Ask for password" checkbox, if you want to enter the password everytime you make a change to remote file.
You can give the initial directory to be shown as well, when the connection is established.
7. Click Close
8. Now click on "(Dis)connect" icon and select the created profile, to browse that unix directory.

Now you can open any file directly in notepad and edit it.

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