Thursday, February 2, 2012

Splitting and Merging files using WinRAR

To Split:
Steps to merge a file into parts are,
1. Right click on the file which u want to split, then select "Add to archive..." option
2. winrar automatically assigns a name to the newly creating archive. you can change it, if u want.
3. In the bottom left, under the option "split to volumes", enter the desired size of each part to be created. For example the actual file size is 2MB, and you want to split into 4 parts each of 0.5MB, u can this option as 0.5M or 0.5m or 0.5MB or 0.5mb.
4.Click Ok. After a while, the main file will be spitted.

To Merge:
This is very easy process.
1. Select all the parts of the file
2. Then right click on all of them (all should be selected)
3. Click on "Extract Here"
That's it, the actual file will be created.

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